Safety measures when using saws

The circular, table and miter saws are widely used machines but are also very dangerous. There are certain basic safety aspects that must be carried out so that the operator is not in danger.

Disc placement: Placement must be done when the machine is disconnected from the power supply. As for how to secure the disc, it is important to tighten on the shaft with a wrench. Important: The teeth of the disc must be anchored in a wooden block during the placement.

Checking the protective shells: this test is essential. The disc should not rub against the protective shells.
Adjustment of the cut: It is important to take into account how much the tooth will exceed the disc once the cut is made.
Avoid possible accidents: there are many actions we can take to make the task of cutting be safe: avoid approaching the disc to the eyes when it is in operation, watch that the saw does not kick back too.

Now that you know the main types of circular saw it’s up to you to do the research and read sites on the subject.